Argentinean group for International Evening,


Ballina is a small western town, with approximately 10.000 people. Our economy is dependant on agriculture and tourism, Primarily fishing on the River Moy famous for its salmon.  To this end a small local voluntary committee set up a yearly summer festival it runs for 10 days in July and is geared very much to families. Most of the events are outdoor and free to the public, we're financed by local businesses and a small government grant.


       The event we've invited you to participate in, is International Evening. It takes place Sunday evening July 11th from 7pm to 10pm. We close with the authority permission our four main streets. We set up food and drink stalls, props, flags and decorations from different countries we have arranged a African village scene with drummers and an evening at the Italian opera scene and many others representative of different countries.  We supply over 200 costumes to locals who man our stalls.


We would appreciate if you could wear your national costumes and interact  with the crowd. Hopefully we will have Argentine tango dancers and you could provide recorded music.  Ballina natives really enjoy meeting people from around the world and Mayo in particular has a Strong association with Argentina.


We can arrange and pay for your travel expenses from Dublin to Ballina return and will work on any sound requirements you may need.  The evening is about enjoying music and a flavour of other countries and we are looking forward to having you with us.



Thanks for you interest.




Anne Crowe  & Cathy Foley


International Evening Event Organiser.


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